Pressures In The Legal Field

First and foremost, there are a number of pressures that those in legal professions experience and endure on a daily basis, which can contribute to their use of drugs, alcohol, or both. For, oftentimes, they spend a majority of their career—hours on end—studying case work. As a result of such, this not only causes frequent exhaustion, but contributes to an overworked mind and body.

In turn, this can cause them to look for alternative ways—and/or methods—to cope. But, unfortunately, the pressure may cause them to avert their attention in the direction of drugs to keep them awake, or to keep them relaxed. Therefore, when the stress begins to overwhelm them, and they find themselves unable to focus, or stay awake, they can consume stimulants ranging from adderall to cocaine, etc.

However, the downfall of such is that through even one time of use, the feeling(s) that they experience as a result of such, can cause frequent use to take place—eventually leading to addiction. The brain then begins to grow accustomed to that which is taking place within the individual’s body every time that they consume the drug/alcohol—and the pressures that they experience within their workplace are oftentimes a big factor of such.

Yet, even then, most individuals who do abuse are still able to continue on with their day-to-day tasks because they are highly functioning. In turn, this can pose as a cause for concern because some might not even realize the extent of their addiction. Furthermore, addiction isn’t always something noticeable, but can be hidden just as easily, especially by those who are of a particular

 legal profession. For, they may be afraid to ask for help, due to thoughts of what it may do to their image or reputation, and look just as normal as a healthy person would—but what lies underneath could be more than meets the eye.

In conclusion, a great number of lawyers struggle with addiction on a daily basis due to the extensive amount of stress that they may experience in the midst of their case work, clientele, and their image/reputation. As a result of such, they may find themselves using so that they may stay focused on their work, or may be doing so in response to the stress and anxiety that they are experiencing. Therefore, it is important that no matter his/her profession, an individual who is struggling with addiction is better of getting help soon, rather than not at all.