The Executive Rehab Experience

executive rehabIf you are shopping for a rehab for yourself or your loved one, you should be aware that not all rehabs are created equal. The addiction rehab selection process should be undertaken carefully in order to avoid regret and less than adequate service. For a profession such as an attorney, executive rehab is a valuable recovery method because it is designed specifically for high profile individuals. Executive rehab is a step above the rest when it comes to quality treatment.

The first thing a client experiences in executive rehab is a detoxification period if they were abusing a substance. Those who were not abusing a substance skip this step. It is very important that a person’s physical health and mental clarity are as strong as they can possibly be, which is why a detoxification period may be necessary to rid a client’s body of toxins. It is very important that people do not attempt this step on their own because severe withdrawal symptoms can prove dangerous, even deadly, to the person detoxing. The supervision of a medical professional and the addition of detox medications is necessary.

Once a client is fully detoxed, they can begin their recovery program. In executive rehab, treatment can be expected to be intelligent, immersive and effective. The level of the treatment will be tailored to suit a highly effective working professional. The material will be challenging, engaging and progressive. The client will receive plenty of one on one time with a professional counselor, and the rest of the time will work with a professional facilitator who will guide them in lesson plans and mental health sessions. When they are not doing work, they will have access to a number of resort style amenities, including a full business center, a gym, a sauna, a hot tub and a game room, depending on the rehab. Addiction recovery presents its share of challenges, but wondering whether or not you made the right rehab choice does not have to be one of them. For attorneys and other high profile professionals, executive rehab is the way to go.

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