Employment Following Legal Executive Addiction Treatment

Legal professionals who struggle with addiction—along with other high risk professions—may feel as though there is no hope for them. Reasons for such can stem from the stress of their career, personal life—and so on—but despite such they might still find themselves not wanting to leave. However, even though individuals may not want to forfeit their jobs, after they have received both necessary and needed treatment, there is the opportunity for employment following such.

First, recovery can benefit those facing drug or alcohol abuse by allowing them to continue in their employment—after completion. It is through such that legal professionals are better able to maintain focus on the cases at hand, as well as other tasks. Yet still, for one to get to this point he/she must be able to be honest with not only himself/herself, but his/her boss—as well as others he/she might feel comfortable confiding in. In fact, it is okay for one to take some time away from his/her work environment to rediscover himself/herself—while in the midst of further understanding his/her addiction. This also gives that individual the opportunity to learn what might be the source of his/her abuse—whether it be stress from his/her legal surroundings, something else, or a combination of both.

In addition, several laws have been put into effect to help addicts to re-enter the workforce, or to ensure that they don’t lose their jobs while attending rehab. Some of these laws are listed as follows; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Fair Housing Act (FHA), the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), etc. Yet still, grave consequences can still follow legal executives depending on whether or not they take action to ensure a healthy well being—or whether or not they let reputation triumph over recovery.

In conclusion, individuals who have trouble with substance abuse have the ability to keep their jobs—and even obtain better—after they have finished treatment. However, if one refuses to undergo rehab, then that can pose as a big problem, because they can continue to lose focus in their workplace—and may even refrain from doing work all together. Therefore, it is best for one to seek help while he/she can because when he/she gets back there will be a job there for him/her—whether it be where he/she used to be, or elsewhere. But, if he/she chooses not to, there won’t always be an addiction free life.

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