Signs that a lawyer is suffering from stress

One of the most competitive industries in the professional world is the legal industry. For any lawyer to be termed as successful they must have a certain level of excellence, top-notch work ethic, grit, and tenacity.  

However, with these great heights in the legal world comes a high level of stress that many of them may not be able to deal with.

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Stress can be shown through physical and mental health symptoms that can make it difficult for Lawyers to meet deadlines, handle challenging legal matters amongst others.  

Here are some of the common signs that a Lawyer is suffering from stress

Constant exhaustion

When they begin to feel exhausted even after taking some hours to rest, then they might be suffering from stress. Some of them might even feel fatigued after doing little work, and this is because their stress levels are quite high.

Inability to concentrate

Another sign that a Lawyer is dealing with stress is when they find it hard to concentrate. They might find it hard to pick out key details when having conversations, meetings, or even when conducting research for a legal case.

No work-life balance

When a lawyer is suffering from stress, there is a high chance that they won’t have a work-life balance. They may spend much time on work that they barely spend time with their family and friends.

Also, they might begin to feel frustrated from the fact that they don’t have a social life anymore which distracts them from work.


Sometimes, lawyers who are going through stress are likely to self-medicate to combat the physical and mental symptoms that come with stress. In the process, some of them may become addicted to drugs and alcohol because they have developed a dependence on them.

For overworked attorneys who are burned out, they can reduce their stress levels by having enough rest, spending time with family and friends, and setting boundaries when it comes to work-life balance.

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